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          At Asbury Church we worship in-person and online. We understand that many of us may disagree on best practices during these unusual times, and we may all think different things about this season. Either way, we can agree that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we are His church. 

          Please read over these guidelines and be respectful of them. While we are learning more and more about this virus every day, we must still practice best measures. We want everyone to feel comfortable, so we're doing the best we can to make that happen. Things may be a little different. Isn't that any day? Some things never change, but some things do. Let me tell you a couple of things that will be new.

          First, to limit overall time exposure in a crowd, we're going to aim for concise worship services. We will still sing, pray, and hear a sermon, but it will most likely be a shorter time frame than we've known. If we could get the preacher to not preach as long, we may even be shorter! 

          We will not be serving coffee or donuts. I know, this is heartbreaking. No, really it is. I love sharing a cup of coffee and talking with folks, but we're attempting to go as contact-less as possible. We will also not have bulletins, either. All of our announcements are shared throughout the week online and right before the service each week. Those slides take a lot of work, so give a shout out of praise to Kristin for her ministry. Give Taylor a 'thank you' for making those announcements verbally. Make sure you are connected digitally so you don't miss anything.

          Finally, for the time being, we will not have Sunday School classes between services, However, we do have Children's Church and childcare during worship.

          Thank you all for your patience these last few weeks of figuring out online worship. We've learned so much. We've made mistakes. But, we've made even greater strides for God's Kingdom. You can too. Let's continue to work together, and let's get excited about worshiping in person and online! 


                  As advised for the interest of public health and safety due to the spread of COVID-19, Asbury United
                  Methodist church closed it’s facilities to the congregation and the public. Sunday morning worship services
                  moved from our physical facility at 1331 Hwy 42 to online on Facebook LIVE and YouTube.  Wednesday night meals, children’s activities, youth worship, and adult Bible studies were suspended.  A skeleton crew maintained shortened business hours throughout the week to handle communication and finances, and to plan and create worship experiences. Staff focused on the church’s online presence and created online experiences for the congregation. Physical cleaning and sanitizing of all 4 buildings was on-going.  The doors remained locked for the health and safety of our staff.


                   Re-opening to the congregation and the public.  Despite re-opening, all vulnerable individuals should
                   continue to shelter in place.  Also, if you are running fever, feel ill, or have any type of illness, you are asked
                   to remain at home at this time.  Online worship will still be available on Facebook LIVE at 10:40 am on Sunday mornings, and an audio of the sermon will be available on the website the following week.

         As we worship together, we still must practice social-distancing and follow health and safety guidelines.  Please read the following rules for gathering together:

1. Please follow social distancing guidelines:

  • Family units should remain 6 feet apart.

  • Use caution when entering and exiting the sanctuary to maintain safe distances.  We will have ushers and greeters available to help you and give you instruction as you enter and exit. 

  1. The church doors will be propped open so you can enter and exit without touching.

  2. Only one family unit will enter the Narthex at a time.  Once that family enters the sanctuary, another family may enter the Narthex. 

  3. Once church services are over, you will be dismissed by rows or sections to maintain social distance.  Please refrain from touching, shaking hands, and hugging others.

  • Choose appropriate seating upon entering the sanctuary to maintain safe distances. 

  • Please touch as few surfaces as possible. lease refrain from touching, shaking hands, and hugging other individuals.

  • Social distancing will be observed outside on the sidewalks all the way through to the sanctuary.

  • Once you are inside, if you feel uncomfortable in any way, please feel free to exit the building via the side “Fellowship Hall” doorway to limit contact. 

2. Hand sanitizer will be available in at least 3 areas throughout the facility.

3. Masks are preferred, but optional. One-use masks will be available if you do not bring your own and decide you want to wear one.

4. Our services will be shorter, preferably 45 minutes or less in length to lessen the possibility of prolonged contact.

5. Singing/Praise & Worship will be limited as well.  We will have minimal people on stage and we will sing one song at the beginning of each service and one song at the end of each service.

6. Children will worship together with their families. **Children's Church is meeting at this time.**

  • No Children’s Church or nursery is available.  We are excited to see you and your family, but please know that you will be in charge of your children while on campus.

  • Children should not roam freely and should be escorted to the restrooms.

  • We will have activity packets available every service to help keep them engaged during worship.  Please bring your own Crayons or colored pencils.

6. During services that include communion, pre-packaged elements will be provided and handed out at the door as you enter the building.

7. Offering baskets will be placed at both entrances to the sanctuary for you to utilize.  No passing of the plate.  Utilize online giving, if possible.

8. Coffee and donuts will not be provided at this time.  You may bring your own drinks to church, but please remember to take them home to wash/sanitize.



                   As restrictions lesson and guidelines change for our state, we will open up our campus even more.  You will
                   be instructed when that time comes.  For the time being, be prepared to worship together in this way
                   through the summer months, at least.  Over the summer, we will make decisions as to when we can resume small groups and Wednesday night activities.  Continue to pray for all those affected by COVID-19, especially those families who have lost loved ones.

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